COVID-19 Policies & Information



The Center for Neurosciences works to be prepared for all types of infectious diseases such as flu or coronavirus. We want you to know more about our proactive steps to prepare. As part of these steps, we are asking that you please avoid bringing other people with you to your appointment unless it is necessary.

Since our specialists do not treat patients with acute respiratory infections, our policy is that no patients with fever and cough will be seen. We will help you reschedule the appointment. Please call us at (520) 795-7750 or send a request via the Patient Portal.

PLEASE NOTE that special exceptions will be made for patients undergoing radiation therapy. If you are a patient who is receiving radiation therapy, please address any concerns with your radiation therapy team.

What to Expect

Confirmation messaging and entrance signage will be informing patients that CNS is instituting restrictions on evaluating patients who are acutely ill with respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. Patients are being screened at check-in for known COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors – fever, cough and shortness of breath. Our entrance signage also asks patients with these symptoms not to enter the building. All patients will have temperature taken when vitals are obtained. Patients with fever will not be seen and will be asked to reschedule their appointments. All patients and caregivers are required to wear a mask.

We are working to keep our patients and our community safe and healthy.

Get In Touch With Us!

To request an appointment or connect with our team, please complete our contact form. Our team will contact you during our regular business hours.